15 Fabulous Dodo Tattoos

15 Fabulous Dodo Tattoos

Although long extinct the dodo lives on in these fabulous dodo tattoos!!
The dodo (Raphus Cucullatus) was a flightless bird endemic to the island of Mauritius that is today sadly long extinct. The first documentation of the dodo was made in 1598 by Dutch sailors, seen as a food source the dodo was hunted by sailors and their domesticated animals and in less than a century the dodo was driven to extinction. It is accepted that the last sighting of a dodo came in 1662 and that the case of the dodo was the first real example of human involvement leading to the extinction of an animal! Relatively little is known about the dodo and accounts of its nature come from writings, illustrations and paintings from the 17th century, although its legacy lives on ink! Yep, people are rocking dodo tattoos and they're awesome!
Dodo tattoos are a creative bird tattoo that pays tribute to the wonderful dodo as well as creating some quirky body art. Of course with the debate of what a dodo actually looked like still on going dodo tattoos have a lot of creative licence and can be as flamboyant and fabulous as you like. These dodo tattoos will surely dazzle and impress, enjoy!!
Dodo Tattoo by Amy Savage
Dodo Tattoo by Beppe BST
Dodo Tattoo by Gael Cleinow
Dodo Tattoo by Houst
Dodo Tattoo by Jody Dawber
Dodo Tattoo by Joe Ellis
Dodo Tattoo by Manuel Gray
Dodo Tattoo by Michele L’Abbate
artist unknown
Dodo Tattoo by Michele Zingales
Dodo Tattoo by Shaun Topper
Dodo Tattoo by Miles Kane
Dodo Tattoo by Niamh M
Dodo Tattoo by Rizza Boo
artist unknown
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