15 Favorable Stork Tattoos

15 Favorable Stork Tattoos

Let these stork tattoos be your own ink babies!
These gracious birds are often celebrated in art, just like herons and cranes. But storks are indeed very famous for bringing babies to the home of their parents, at least in many tellings... Building enormous nest at the top of houses, lamposts and other human constructions, they are also often associated with the ideas of home and families. Stork tattoos are indeed very beautiful but also full of humor, inspired by tales from many cultures. Let's celebrate this noble animal with a selection of lovely stork tattoos...
Traditional vibes by Amalie Ink.
Neo traditional piece by Anastasia Grichina.
New school WIP by Daniel Farren.
Native stork by Dmitry Utka.
Black and grey piece by Duncan Whitfield.
Dynamic chestpiece by FD Tattoo.
Charming WIP by Lukas Black Bug.
Lovely one by Manuel Mathow.
WIP by Mr Martin.
Artistic piece by Peter Aurisch.
Epic backpiece by Peter Lagergren!
Watercolor tattoo by Sara Rosenbaum.
Graphic art by Tania Catclaw.
Cool work by Tayri Rodriguez.
Graphic art by Xoil.
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