15 Intriguing Fly Tattoos

15 Intriguing Fly Tattoos

They may be small and somewhat annoying but flies make some great ink. These little fly tattoos will definitely make you surprised.
Flies have been the subject of mythology and literature for centuries. In the Bible they were depicted as a symbol of death and decay. This holds true to many such negative symbolism when they think of flies. Often seen buzzing around the carcass of dead animals and people, flies don't hold too much positive imagery, yet fly tattoos are a rather light hearted and fun designs. Tattooed in a bold traditional style, these tattoos can be a great option for a filler tattoo if you have any awkward little gaps. They also look pretty sweet when done a little bigger!
Perhaps a bit odd and certainly intriguing fly tattoos may not be for everybody, but that doesn't mean you can't get inspired by these 15 fly tattoos!
Blast Over Fly Tattoo by Mana Tattooist
Tattoo by Antoine Gaumont
Tattoo by Austin Maples
Tattoo by Derek Billingsley
Tattoo by Eli Quinters
Tattoo by Giacomo Sei Dita
Tattoo by Jona Uggli Gbg
Tattoo by Jordan Schanche
Tattoo by Lachie Grenfell
Tattoo by Oliver White
Tattoo by Philip Yarnell
Tattoo by Robert Medler
Tattoo by Ryan Jessiman
Fly Tattoo by Sara Piroddi
Tattoo by Giacomo Sei Dita
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