15 Magisterial Vulture Tattoos

15 Magisterial Vulture Tattoos

Show your dark badass side with impressive vulture tattoos!
Vultures are not your usual cute birdie. Considered ugly, mean and with a bad reputation, they are more often frightening people than liked by them. But if you are forgetting about the sinister look from western movies, you could really see the dark beauty of these birds. If popular culture associates them with death and eating corpses, vultures are much more noble and positive than you'd think. Their powerful body and impressive wings are making them forces of nature and for this, worshipped in many ancient cultures. In Ancient Egypt and Aztec culture, for example, they are guides and good omens. The Condor, the largest vulture, is still respected in South America as a strong spiritual symbol. They have also inspired many mythological creatures. Vulture tattoos are all about not judging a book by its cover. These animals may not be the prettiest, but their beauty is more subtle and they are indeed really badass... If you love carrion birds and dark art, you could really enjoy those majestic vulture tattoos...
Great vulture tattoo by Alex Tabuns.
Terrific piece by Alex Underwood...
Old school one by Joaquin Ardiles.
Neo traditional piece by Josh Oshier.
F-ing epic torso piece by Kat Abdy!
Black beauty by Laura Yahna...
Skull vulture tattoo by Mat Reesman.
Vulture lady by Michelle @Circle Tattoo.
Badass vulture pope by Patrick Gasperi!
Eerie surrealistic piece by Robert Borbas!
Great sidepiece by Ronny Lee.
Badass vulture tattoo by Salla Koppanen.
Cool chestpiece by Shawn Barber.
A true masterpiece by Thomas Hooper.
Cool piece by Thor Emil Amundsen.
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