15 Mighty Popeye Tattoos

15 Mighty Popeye Tattoos

No need to finish your spinach to get Popeye tattoos!  If you too loves spinach and cartoons, you will have a blast with these cool tattoos!
Popeye is almost 100 years old! The most badass sailor of comic strips is aging pretty well, adding more tattoos to his ink collection... And he is still inspiring tattoo collectors too! His anchor tattoo, magic spinachs and him became very popular in the 1970s, and many tattoos are still using the vintage illustrations as reference.
But they also enjoy the cartoon and movie adaptations (especially with the late Robin Williams). With a new animation film coming soon, the Popeye craze is ready to come back, with more cool fan art from the fans! This character is indeed popular for his badass look, but don't forget he is also very clever, strong, and with a huge sense of family values. Just don't touch to Olive if you don't want to unleash his fighting skills! Ahoy matey!
Epic piece by Alex de Pase...
Famous piece by Alina Fokina!
Badass tattoo by Denis Sivak...
Cool work by Denis Torikashvili.
Vintage style by Joel Marleau.
Another version of the Popeye forearm by Kat Jones.
By Katerina Mikky Volkova.
Terrific details by Kevin Breno.
Funky blackwork by Nowe.
Popeye love by Paulo Almeida.
Kiss twist by Robert Hernandez.
Bold hand tattoo by Roman Abrego.
Belly piece by Snot.
New school by Thom Bulman.
Creative piece by Uncl Paul.
How much do you like this badass tattooed Popeye??? (fan art)
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