15 Ornamental Cuckoo Clock Tattoos

15 Ornamental Cuckoo Clock Tattoos

A decorative and striking cuckoo clock tattoos are a strong design and a great choice of ink for anyone!
Cuckoo clocks are known across the world and are a traditionally loved clock, though did you know they come from mysterious beginnings as it is unknown who invented the clock or when it was first distributed. What is known however is that the cuckoo clock became popular in Germany and most likely originated from the Black Forest region in southwest Germany. Typically a pendulum-regulated clock the cuckoo clock is named for its distinctive chime that sounds much like the call of the cuckoo bird. Unlike the real deal cuckoo clock tattoos do not make a cuckoo like sound but what they do, do is offer some awesome ink!
Cuckoo clock tattoos are decorative tattoos that add more creativity to the usual clock tattoos you see and can often hold more personal and sentimental symbolism. If you're after your own cuckoo clock then let these 15 cuckoo clock tattoos give you some brilliant inspiration.
Tattoo by Matthew Houston
Cuckoo Clock Tattoo by Andy Ryan Felty
Tattoo by Emily Elinski
Tattoo by Hudson Valley Tattoo
Cuckoo Clock Tattoo by Jennifer Lynn
Tattoo by Katie Foster
Tattoo by Kelsea McCree
Tattoo by Matthew Houston
Cuckoo Clock Tattoo by Michelle Duke
Tattoo by Pablo De
Tattoo by Paul Lazarou
Tattoo by Rick De Sousa
Tattoo by Taryn McElvany
Tattoo by Tony Talbert
Tattoo by Zack Kinsey
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