15 Ravishing Turtle Tattoos

Take the time to look at these gorgeous turtle tattoos, from land or from sea...
Turtles are very respected animals. They are often seen as symbols of wisdom, intelligence and the Universe. This prehistorical looking reptile also grows very old, and is in some ancient cultures believed to be immortal. In Asian and Polynesian cultures, turtles have an important spiritual importance.
Turtle tattoos often picture sea turtles because of their influences. With their dynamic appearances, they are more coveted than land turtles, thus the latest are also popular on skins. Colorful, artistic or connected with traditions, turtle tattoos are worth looking at if you too think life shouldn't be about rushing...
Faceted tattoo by Alisa Tesla.
Cute foot tattoo by Andrew Hoffman.
Mandala turtle by Ben Doudakis.
The colorful work of Dusty "Duza" Brasseur.
Sweet one by Hami Iffy-Négyökrű.
Realistic ocean piece by Jack Galan.
By Jamie Lee Parker.
Watercolor tattoo by Josie Sexton.
Sumi-e turtle by Lee Stewart.
Great one by Marshmillos.
Small tattoo by Miss Ink.
By Mo Mori.
Another gorgeous mandala turtle by Nikko Barber.
Awesome exotic scene by Philip Maier.
Graphic tattoo by Rodolphe.