15 Sublime Full Front Traditional Tattoos

15 Sublime Full Front Traditional Tattoos

Bold, uncompromising and classic, traditional tattoos are simply the best and a full front of them is hard to beat!
What a better way to appreciate them than with a chest and stomach covered in classic designs. Full front traditional tattoos are awesome and comprise some of the best old school tattoo images in one design. Whether its made up of roses, tigers and daggers or panthers, webs and spiders, a full front traditional tattoo takes some beating.
Have a look at these sublime full front traditional tattoos and get inspired to cover your own body in old school ink. From some of the worlds best traditional artists these 15 full front tattoos will have you itching to get your own! Take your time and decide which is your favorite!
In Progress by Florian Santus
by Rich Hardy
by Franz Stefanik
by Alessandro Turcio
by Bailey Hunter Robinson
by Ed Staples
by Chris Newport
by Gre Hale
by Franz Stefanik
by Joe Ellis
by Jonas Nyberg
by Mina Aoki
by Nick Mayes
by Rich Hardy
by Sam Ricketts
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