15 Ugly Motherf*cker Predator Tattoos

Predator tattoos put one of Hollywood's most feared movie aliens in ink and yes, they look good!
The Predator alien, also called Yautja or Hish-Qu-Ten, is a superior alien species and central character in the Predator movie franchise. Notable for their trophy hunting of other species the Predator aliens are also recognized for their immense strength, stature and fighting abilities. An iconic movie alien the Predator has quite a memorable appearance, both masked and unmasked, so obviously they make some awesome tattoos!
Predator tattoos are tattooed in either a portrait realism style or a with a more traditional look, either way they create some fierce ink. Interestingly the Predator species does not have an actual name, as of yet, although they possess advanced technology and weapons so anyone after a Predator tattoo can go all out and equip it with some badass armor and energy weapons. Of course if you want a tattoo like this, you have one major question, will you go masked or unmasked?