16 Cheesy Tattoos For Dairy Lovers

16 Cheesy Tattoos For Dairy Lovers

There are some pretty cheesy tattoos out there but these guys literally love cheese so much they show their love for dairy in ink.
Who doesn't love delicious, gooey melted cheese in a sandwich just like Mom used to make...or oodles of oozing melty-goodness that drips a little grease down your chin as you bite into that 6 cheese pizza...hmmmmm cheese porn NOM. OK... so maybe not all of you are as crazy about this delicious dairy treat as I am...but for millions of people cheese freakin rules and there are some people who love it so much they display their love in ink.
A sophisticated array of high class cheeses for a fine dinner party by Michelle Rubano
A classic all American grilled cheese sandwich tattoo by unknown artist
Mmmmm delicious goat's cheesy tattoo by DJ Chilcote
Awwww a cheesy Mom tattoo. Looks like she's a fan of the Green Bay Packers. By Matthew Davidson
Simple feminine cheese lover tattoo by Melanie Martinez
In loving memory of cheese...a tattoo from LA Ink artist Kim Saigh
Ewwww cheesy feet!
Classic Mac N Cheese lover tattoo by Seejay at Timepiece Tattoo
It sure ain't easy being cheesy...tattoo by unknown artist
Cake and cheese what more do you want in life? Cheesy tattoo by The Underline Tattoo
I've heard of a crazy cat lady....but now a rat lady?
Grilled cheese just like Mom used to make...tattoo by Melvin Arizmendi
Checker's Cheesy Fries oh yeah! Delish!
"Cheese Above All" Cheesy tattoo by Zoe Bean
Tantalizing looking piping hot Mac N Cheese meal...mmmmm. Tattoo colaboration by Kelly Doty and Chloe Vanessa
If you don't fancy yourself as a cheese lover you can be a HATER. This guy hates cheese so much...he'd rather die first before eating it. LOL. Tattoo by Frankie G
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