16 Delightful Knitting Tattoos

16 Delightful Knitting Tattoos

Feel the love for some charming knitwork with these delightful knitting tattoos!
Not just a pass time for grandmas - knitting is a skilled craft that has millions of fans across the world. From woolly jumpers to the classic gloves and scarf knitting creations bring joy and warmth to many, they even inspire some creative body art in knitting tattoos! Yep, balls of yarn make great ink and knitting tattoos are a testament to that.
Knitting tattoos are colorful and creative, taking a traditional past time and putting it into awesome designs. Increasing in popularity knitting tattoos have become a fashionable tattoo that many use as a charming tribute tattoo to mothers and grandmothers. Whether you're after such a creative tribute tattoo or a simple design to show your appreciation of knitting, knitting tattoos are a great choice. Get some inspiration from these delightful knitting tattoos and see how yarn creates delightful ink!!
Knitting Tattoo by @iris_lys
Knitting Tattoo by Caleb Clayton
Knitting Tattoo by Courtney Landrus
Knitting Tattoo by Iain Sellar
Knitting Tattoo by Jack Mayfair
Knitting Tattoo by Jenny Boulger
Knitting Tattoo by Lu Loram-Martin
Knitting Tattoo by Luz Is Back
Knitting Tattoo by Mike Stoll
Knitting Tattoo by Paul Castle
Knitting Tattoo by Shawn Dougherty
Knitting Tattoo by Simms Ink
Knitting Tattoo by Sky James
Knitting Tattoo by xkaix
Knitting Mouse Tattoo by Zema
artist unknown
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