16 Exquisite Ornamental Style Tattoos

Adorn your body with impressive black ink and ornamental style tattoos...
Tattoos are not always figurative. With the explosion of geometry, neo tribal and patterns, bodies are covering themselves with ornamental style tattoos, more and more ambitious and exquisite. In these sensual designs, glorifying curves and limbs, the creative artists are finding inspiration in ancient arts such as mehndi, ethnic tattooing, sacred geometry, mandalas and Art Deco. They are also borrowing from jewellery and fashion with lace details. The techniques used for ornamental style tattoos are also numerous. Linework is indeed very visible, with delicate dotwork and bold blackwork. Most of them are made with black ink, but you are also free to put some colors on your skin. Ornamental style tattoos are some the highest forms of tattooed elegance. If you agree, take a look at these wonders of ink...
Outstanding nape tattoo made at 2Spirit Tattoo.
Lovely neck and collar bones adornements by Ela Pour.
Jaw-dropping stomach piece by Josh Fisher...
Breath-taking massive ornamental style tattoo by Josh Stephens!
Lovely mandala by Kristi Walls.
Elegant backpiece created by Marco Manzo and Francesca Boni (Hellfritz Fotografie).
Stylish ornamental style tattoo by MxM.
Lovely wrist tattoo by Pedro Contessoto.
Impressive piece by Phil Hatchet-Yau!
Check the work of Philip Milic.
Charming tattoo by Piotr Szot.
Lace garter tattoo by Rebecca Zombie Smania.
Dainty mandala by Sandra Graph-ink.
Exquisite wristbands by Sasha Masiuk.
Amazing leg piece made at The Ace's Tattoo Shop!
Wonderful lower back piece by Yaroslav Gorbunov...