16 Fearsome Fudo Myo-o Tattoos

16 Fearsome Fudo Myo-o Tattoos

Fudo Myo-o tattoos celebrate the fierce protective of god Fudo in Japanese Buddhist mythology!
In traditional Japanese Buddhist mythology Fudo is one of the powerful and fierce protective gods (Myo-o) and is seen as a form of Buddha. The terrifying appearance of the Fudo is said to scare away evil spirits and destroy ugly passion and ignorance, among other undesirable qualities. Depicted as a large blue skinned figure Fudo Myo-o is frequently shown grasping a sword in one hand and noose in the other. The sword symbolizes how Fudo cuts through all delusion and obstacles where as the noose is a representative of Fudo's catching and tying up of evil creatures. Sitting on a rock, a symbol of resoluteness, Fudo is engulfed by a shroud of flames that represent purification.
Fudo Myo-o tattoos are often on the larger side and Fudo makes for a great backpiece subject if you're after an awesome Japanese tattoo. A dominating figure of protection Fudo Myo-o tattoos look amazing and never fail to impress. Bold and brilliant these fearsome Fudo Myo-o tattoos will have you feeling some major ink envy!!
Fudo Tattoo by Ben Rorke
Fudo Tattoo by Chris O'Donnell
Fudo Tattoo by Dario Rivera
Fudo Tattoo by Forevermore Tattoo
Fudo Tattoo by Gaetano Pappalardo
Fudo Tattoo by Glenn Seymour
Fudo Tattoo by Stewart Robson
Fudo Tattoo by Jeb Maykut
Fudo Tattoo by Jorge Ramirez
Fudo Tattoo by Jose Rosado
Fudo Tattoo by Kiku
Fudo Tattoo by Kyle Franklin
Fudo Tattoo by Mutsuo
Fudo Tattoo by Shige
Fudo Tattoo by Tony Adamson
Fudo Tattoo by Vincent Penning
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