16 Lovely Stick And Poke Tattoos You'd Forget Were Made By Hand

Let these lovely stick and poke tattoo pieces remind you just how great hand poked tattoos are.
As predicted, stick and poke tattoos were massive in 2015. And if anything, the stick and poke love isn't done with us yet as more and more talented hand poke tattoo artists are rising in the scene. Whilst stick and poke tattoos take considerably hours more than a usual tattoo session, people opt for this method to achieve a more natural and raw vibe with their body art. And again, the only reason why stick and pokes pose a larger threat than regular tattoos done by machine is that it's easier to acquire the materials needed for the former than the latter. End of story. Doesn't make them any less lovelier.
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Simply gorgeous.
Poke by painful poke but worth every minute of it.
Pointillism at its finest.
Crisp and subtle.
Kind of reminds you of a Lisa Orth piece, huh?
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