16 Stoned Weed Tattoos

16 Stoned Weed Tattoos

These weed tattoos are totally legal ... but don't get in trouble with the tattoo police: get good ones!
Marijuana, cannabis, pot, weed, ... there are many names to describe this plant smoked by stoners. Most of the time illegal and considered dangerous, it is also used more and more in medicine and many states are thinking about legalizing it. Meanwhile, it's still dangerous to be caught with this drug on you...
But good news for the lovers of smoking, weed tattoos are perfectly legal! Stoners can sometimes get very crazy and bad tattoos while high. But they can also put their creativity in the balance with the skills and artistry of some good tattoo artists to get a cool result. We are not being an apologist for drugs, just being curious about art. And if you are open-minded too, you could find these weed tattoos relaxing...
Awesome tribute to Bob Marley by Alexander Morozov.
Trash style marijuana leaf by Anthony Robicheau.
Delicious pot lady by A.D. Pancho...
Nice piece by Chris Gagnon.
Ready to smoke by Jeff Lujan.
Realistic cannabis by Knuckle.
And this one by Levgen.
Stoner love by Lost Hope Tattooer.
Offbeat tattoo by Patryk Hilton.
Surrealistic bong headed man, also by Patryk Hilton.
By Roberto Alves.
Trippy carrots by Rosa Negra...
Relaxing dotwork by Stefano Oldrini.
Great Pantera leg piece with negative space by Tiamat!
Go green with Travis Doss.
By Varo.
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