17 Badass Bleach Tattoos

17 Badass Bleach Tattoos

Start a sword dance with the Hollows and shinigamis. These badass bleach tattoos will definitely make you moving.
Bleach/Studio Pierrot/Originally by Tite Kubo
Bleach is arguably one of the best and most climactic animés ever made. Devoted fans look forward to it for the plot that kept getting them on the edge of their seats and the story that can really get under your skin. Let's also not forget the art style that really captured the action-packed show centered around the concept of death gods and spiritual planes.
by Alastair Hodges
A reminder to not get Ichigo on his bad side (final form.)
by Echo Rene
by Zillah Creations
by Dylan Tate
Artist unknown.
One of the most recognizable tattooed characters in Bleach is Grimmjow, a Sexta (6) in Aizen's Arrancar army. Hence, the six tattoo.
by Aaron Sprague
by Will Dixon
by Josh Wiley
Josh Wiley of Ink Fusion tattoo did a banging job on this Ichigo arm tattoo!
Ali G/Instagram
Sui Feng's homonka tattoo.
by Alex Bruz
by Chris Morris
IchiHime fans, make some noise! Although creator Tite Kubo hasn't made anything final with Bleach pairings as it harms the potential of the plot, we're really rooting for this one!
by Isaiah Nevarez
Here's some for the IchiRuki shippers.
by Kaitlyn Teressa
by Tony D
by iskotew/Instagram
by Sami Locke
by Casey D
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