18 Imaginative Hinge Tattoos

18 Imaginative Hinge Tattoos

Wanting a kickass ditch tattoo then you have to look no further than these awesome and imaginative hinge tattoos!
Tattoos are at there best when they bring together artistic value and fun, and these hinge tattoos are perhaps the best example of such a design. Perfect for a sweet ditch tattoo hinge tattoos are a bold and imaginative tattoo that makes a great choice for anyone after a tattoo to fill that awkward little gap on your inner elbow and inner knee. Best tattooed in a bold traditional style hinge tattoos can be as simple or ornate as you like and will be sure to entertain.
Possibly one of the best tattoos for your ditch hinge tattoos bring comic value and awesome old school design together in one solid design. Let these hinge tattoos inspire and entertain you, and maybe even convince you to get your own ditch tattooed with a hinge!!
Hinge Tattoo by Charlie Coppolo
Hinge Tattoo by A.J. Kappers
Hinge Tattoo by Alex Dörfler
Hinge Tattoo by Charlie Coppolo
Hinge Tattoo by Holmes Tattooer
Hinge Tattoo by Jacek Minkowski
Hinge Tattoo by Jesse Huggins
Hinge Tattoo by Kyle X Grand
Hinge Tattoo by Living Out Loud Tattoo Studio
Hinge Tattoo by Michelle Hughes
Hinge Tattoo by Ozzie Pere
Hinge Tattoo by Polaren Per
Hinge Tattoo by Sam Shears
Hinge Tattoo by Sean Shadel
Hinge Tattoo by Susanne Konig
Hinge Tattoo by Tattoos by Cherub
Hinge Tattoo by Thomas Graham
Hinge Tattoo by Victoria Delrio
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