20 Lasting Wedding Tattoo Ideas For Couples

20 Lasting Wedding Tattoo Ideas For Couples

Tying the knot sooner or later? You might want to consider bringing the commitment up a notch with these 20 Lasting Wedding Tattoo ideas.
Some couples prefer to get permanent wedding rings. Thank god for tattoos! Here's a simple idea with each other's initials on.
Perhaps it could be about the day you first met? Cool moonlit camping tattoo by Cori James & Miguel Olascuaga at Live Free Tattoo.
You don't always have to tattoo the ring finger. It could be anywhere, as long as the intention is there. Be creative!
"Useless is each without the other." -What my father always tells me about marriage. Love these pretty matching tattoos! Artist unknown. Please let us know if you do!
Wedding Tattoo Ideas "Til Death do us part" <3
Awesome how you can still put a ring on it, and make it look badass!
DID YOU KNOW? Kissing releases pleasure chemicals in the body, namely "Dopamine", which gives us the feeling of happiness & pleasurable sensation whenever we kiss. Kissing is healthy! :-*
Here are some more cool Wedding Tattoo Ideas to get with your better half.
Together, we rule the kingdom. RAWRR!!!!
The traditional matching tattoo idea that never goes out of style: The Lock & Key.
Calling all the Star Wars geeks out there!
Wedding Tattoo Ideas <3
Couples may also opt to get wedding ring tattoos of the date of their wedding or anniversary. Really cool!
Because a life together is a roller coaster adventure!
People will be amazed whenever you hold hands & they see this! Teehee!
'cause you make my Heart fly! Bold, simple & clean wedding ring tattoo.
The Rose is also a timeless tattoo subject for couples as it represents love, romance, and the delicate beauty of life!
Got wedding tattoos? Share them with us & get featured! Enjoy the ride, you guys. Times will be testing, never give up & get through it together. Have a lovely day, folks!
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