20 Mystical Kitsune Tattoos

20 Mystical Kitsune Tattoos

Kitsune tattoos are bold and symbolic. A classic Japanese design Kitsune tattoos make some awesome oriental themed ink!
Foxes are a significant part of Japanese mythology and are characters in many classic folklore stories and legends. Kitsune is the Japanese word for fox, but in English the term is used to describe the mythological context and character of foxes in Japanese tradition. Kitsune are depicted as intelligent and wise foxes that grow in wisdom as they age, known for their shape-shifting abilities it is said that Kitsune can transform into a man or a woman. Depending on the story Kitsune are shown to be both tricksters and villains as well as friends, lovers and loyal guardians. A sign of wisdom and magic is the Kitsune's tail and the more they have the wiser they are, some Kitsune have up to nine tails!!
As a classic character in Japanese mythology and tradition Kitsune have become a popular subject for a Japanese inspired tattoo. Often tattooed with a skull attached to their heads Kitsune make some beautiful tattoos and offer a colorful choice for anyone interested in a Japanese tattoo with great symbolism and meaning. If you feel like Kitsune tattoos are your thing then checkout these awesome designs and hit up Tattoodo to create your own Kitsune body art!
Kitsune Tattoo by Alex Dorfler
Tattoo by Alix Ge
Tattoo by Biee Sae-Tang
Tattoo by Chong Tramontana
Kitsune Tattoo by Claudia De Sabe
Tattoo by David Tevenal
Tattoo by Jeff Zuck
Tattoo by Diego Franco
Tattoo by Junior Garcia
Tattoo by Junior Gomes
Tattoo by Matt Lambdin
Tattoo by Pino Cafaro
Tattoo by Raymond Wallace
Tattoo by Ryan Ussher
Tattoo by Sagrada Tattoo
Tattoo by Soul Expression Tattoo
Tattoo by Toby Gawler
Tattoo by Wendy Pham
Tattoo, artist unknown
Tattoo by Claudia De Sabe
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