20 Quirky Tattoos By Panther Tattoo Jiran

Panther Tattoo Jiran tattoos are some of the quirkiest and off-beat tattoos we've seen, and they're awesome!
Tattooing from Seoul, Korea, this awesome tattoo artist has a style like no one else has got. Bold and simple, the tattoos have a cartoon feel to them and represent a very different style to what tattoo fans are used to. Clean lines and incredible detail are not what his tattoos are about and it wouldn't be right if they were. The somewhat ignorant style makes the tattoos made by this great tattoo artist something special and a fun alternative to other contemporary styles.
Take a look at these 20 quirky tattoos by Panther Tattoo Jiran and if they're your thing then be sure to shown them some love on Instagram, but for now, enjoy some unusual and bold tattoos that you can't help but love!
Quirky bear head tattoo
Quirky bird tattoo
Funny cat tattoo
Panther tattoo
Quirky frog tattoo
Quirky scissors tattoo
by Panther Tattoo Jiran
Quirky tiger tattoo
Quirky cigarette tattoo
Quirky Mickey Mouse tattoo
Quirky panther head tattoo
by Panther Tattoo Jiran
Quirky flower tattoo
Quirky shark head tattoo
Sweet heart tattoo
by Panther Tattoo Jiran
Quirky dinosaur tattoo
Quirky alien tattoo
by Panther Tattoo Jiran
Quirky whale tattoo