22 Fail Tattoos For You To Think Before You Ink In 2016

22 Fail Tattoos For You To Think Before You Ink In 2016

We bring you a new compilation of fail tattoos for you to take as an example and think before you ink!
It's a new year now, and you might be thinking on getting yourself a new tattoo, so before you go ahed and mess it up, take a good at what 22 people did really wrong!
Source: 4-FingerTattoo's. This is offensive! Linework tattoo. Artist unknown
"Too weird to live, too rare to die" tattoo, skull tattoo, artist unknown
colorful Yoda tattoo, artist unknown.
Portrait tattoo, black and white tattoo, artist unknown.
Tony Stark portrait tattoo, artist unknown.
Dancing girl tattoo, artist unknown.
Looks like he passed out drunk and his friends Sharpie'd him, but it's for real...
Face tattoo, artist unknown.
bad-ass/ bad ink! Crime, cost, family, time tattoo. Gun tattoo, linework. Artist unknown
This is the definition of a "Badd Bitch" tattoo
God face-palm!
Donatello on meth! Ninja turtles animation tattoo, artist unknown
I hope he gets discounts! Walmart finger tattoo, artist unknown
Is this supposed to be Freddy Kruger? Black and white tattoo, artist unknown
What a nightmare! Face tattoo, artist unknown
George Lucas would cry! Full back piece, colorful tattoo, artist unknown
Priorities! Lettering tattoo, artist unknown.
When the guy tattooing you is also a zombie! Zombie tattoo, artist unknown.
What is this supposed to mean? Artist unknown.
Like a really bad acid trip! But forever in your arm! Artist unknown.
Oh poor Marilyn. Marilyn forearm tattoo, lettering tattoo, artist unknown.
This is a new level of stupidity! "I hope you are thinking of me when you are fucking her!"; "I hope ur thinkin of me when ur fuckin her", lettering tattoo, artist unknown
The baby is actually cute, its a shame the tattoo went south! Don't skip on true artists!
Baby portrait tattoo, artist unknown.
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