25 Pink Floyd Tattoos That Got Us Seeing The Dark Side Of The Moon

25 Pink Floyd Tattoos That Got Us Seeing The Dark Side Of The Moon

Become comfortably numb as you look through these beautiful Pink Floyd Tattoos - a tribute to the iconic progressive rock band.
Pink Floyd is one of the most well-loved bands in the recent years after the gen X years is still being picked up by some high school students these days. As over-used their famous Dark Side of the Moon album cover is—sometimes used by people who have never even heard of them—we can't deny that Pink Floyd is still one of the best forefathers progressive music can have. They definitely deserve a place next to your Crosley or Motorino.
Veronicka Lazarini/Instagram
by Manu Mauro
by Jonny Breeze
by Rob Sweet
Sweet-looking Pokémon x Dark Side of the Moon crossover by Rob Sweet!
Artist unknown.
Artist unknown.
by Michael Gibson
by Oscar Canteros
by Gombos Andras
by Matt Jordan
How stunning is this!
by Tyler Moody
by Rafael Makarov
by Andy Trimmins
by Tiago Chediak
Woah! Now that's how you do a blackwork sleeve!
by Sasha Unisex
Sasha Unisex shows us how it's done.
by Llana Joy
by pandatats818/Instagram
Goodbye, Blue Sky.
by Matt Brundell
by Manuel Flowers
by faithfull_father/Instagram
by Victor Octaviano
by ferreirolima/Instagram
Fire Lips Tattoo
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