3D Tattoos By Winston Whale

3D Tattoos By Winston Whale

Tattoo artist Winston Whale creates kick-ass tattoos made from the two 3D colours, red and blue.
3D glasses image from Wikipedia / GFDL.
A 3D effect is achieved by letting the eye see the left and right views of the same image, using chromatically opposite colours, such as blue and red.

This is done by creating anaglyph 3D images, using these two different colours... one for each eye. Then when viewed through glasses, each eye on sees one image, and it creates a three-dimensional effect or scene in your vision.

Paying homage to this, tattoo artist Dave / Winston Whale (Instagram @winstonthewhale) has been creating some awesome 3D anaglyphic images - what a unique and original way to portray something artistic on your skin. All you need now is those glasses... or just use your imagination! :-)
3D skull tattoo, from Instagram @winstonthewhale.
3D flash designs.
Geometric sphere tattoo, from Instagram @winstonthewhale.
3D pyramid tattoo, from Instagram @winstonthewhale.
Winston the whale himself, trademark of The Lost Cause.
Cactus tattoo, from Instagram @winstonthewhale.
3D spaceship tattoo, from Instagram @winstonthewhale.
3D cactus tattoo, from Instagram @winstonthewhale.
3D bat tattoo, from Instagram @winstonthewhale.
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