6 Silly Chili Pepper Tattoos

6 Silly Chili Pepper Tattoos

Lookin' to add some fun and spice to your tattoo collection? These 6 Silly Chili Pepper tattoos will spice up your life!
This Chili Pepper Tattoo is up to fight your taste buds! X-P Tattoo artist unknown. Please let us know if you do!
Vegan til Death? Awesome vegetable-themed half sleeve tattoo with some chilis on the side! Artist unknown
'cause her booty's hot as hell! Artist unknown
Recommended for Red Hot Chili lovers! <3 Tattoo done at Oni Tattoo Gallery.
Yup, you can be as random as that! Artist unknown
Love this fun Our Lady of Chili Peppers tattoo done by Aaron Kreiss! <3 Just to add some twist.
Love spicy stuff? Share with us your silly chili pepper tattoos if you have one! :-D Spice up yo life, folks!
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