8 Adorable Hedgehog Tattoos

8 Adorable Hedgehog Tattoos

Cute and different: These adorable hedgehog tattoos will make you smile
Hedgehog tattoos don't come around very often. It's not really a common design you see on collectors or even get requested at a tattoo shop. But, these really adorable hedgehog tattoos may mean more to the collector than just being an awesome looking tattoo.
The hedgehog is a representation of being yourself, being unique. It also represents the trait of being crafty and ready for anything.
Tattoo by James Hurley
Adorable hedgehog tattoo by Tori Treasure
by Kelly Doty
Hedgehog tattoo with strawberries!
Neo traditional hedgehog tattoo
Traditional style hedgehog with flowers
Hedgehog holding onto the mail!
Painterly style colored hedgehog tattoo.
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