8 Awesome Revolver Tattoos

8 Awesome Revolver Tattoos

These revolver tattoos are off the hook and will be on your skin to serve as a warning to others and/or protection!
Revolver tattoos are definitely a common tattoo to collect amongst tattoo enthusiasts. Revolver tattoos are usually found around the waist area or the torso, to make it seem like the collector is carrying the gun. Here are 8 awesome revolver tattoos:
Beautiful traditional style revolver tattoo.
Russian revolver, nice detail.
Solid outlines is what makes this tattoo look awesome.
Amazing rendering and technique on this crazy looking hand tattoo!
Cool distortion and placement on this tattoo by Iwan Yug.
Cute little colored traditional revolver tattoo.
Tattoo by maximolutztattoo
Tattoo by Matteo Pasqualin
Hope you guys had a good time looking at these awesome revolver tattoos! Be sure to look out for more tattoo related stuff on the Tatoodo blog. PEACE OUT!
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