8 Awesome Traditional Leopard Head Tattoos

8 Awesome Traditional Leopard Head Tattoos

Leopard head tattoos are becoming as popular as the panther and tiger tattoos and for sure leopard head tattoos in traditional style rocks!
It is actually a fierce looking cat head alternative to the above mentioned designs. Leopard head tattoos look real fierce and powerful as tattoos. The leopard symbolizes courage and readiness to take on anything that this life may throw at you. 
These leopard head tattoos may give you some wildlife tattoo inspiration, enjoy!
Snow leopard head tattoo looking really fierce! (and CLEAN)
Cool bejeweled eyes on this leopard head tattoo.
Snow leopard head tattoo by Christian Lain.
Check out the cool violet spots on this leopard head tattoo.
Leopard head tattoo by Zach Nelligan
Snow leopard head tattoo from www.seawolftattoocompany.com.
Snow leopard chewin' on a snow flake!
Close to the elbow leopard head tattoo, that must've hurt!
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