8 Beautiful Brutal Black Tattoos by Gakkin

8 Beautiful Brutal Black Tattoos by Gakkin

Gakkin's freehand all black tattoos gives a powerful elegant look that any serious tattoo collector is looking for.

Gakkin is a tattooer based in Kyoto, Japan.

He also travels around the world to do tattoos. Though he does not tattoo exclusively all black, (I have seen some of his work with a good amount of color) his bold and masterfully done black tattoos are both beautiful and brutal and stands out from the bunch.

Black crow halfsleeve tattoo by Gakkin
A Collaboration by Gakkin and Kenji
Chest tattoo by Gakkin
Black snake tattoo by Gakkin
Black sleeve by Gakkin
Incredible black body suit by Gakkin
Hannya black suit tattoo by Gakkin
Spiral on the knee black tattoo by Gakkin

Check him out: @gakkinx - all photos from Gakkin

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