8 Bizarre Black Portrait Tattoos by Pietro Sedda

Nope, you're not drunk! These cool and bizarre black portrait tattoos by Pietro Sedda are surreal, but for real!
Pietro Sedda is a tattooer from Milan, Italy. He works in his own tattoo shop, The St. Mariner. Pietro Sedda is known for his surreal and bizarre tattoo style. His work reflects mastery of technical application and design.
Mastering the fundamentals of tattooing and flipping them to his own creation. Pietro Sedda's work is truly unlike anything I have seen before. Clean, clever and slick, his tattoos are sought after by collectors and you're about to see why...
Tattoo by Pietro Sedda
Virgin Mary tattoo by Pietro Sedda
Tattoo by Pietro Sedda
A portrait of jealousy. Tattoo by Pietro Sedda
Tattoo by Pietro Sedda
Epic tattoo by Pietro Sedda
Warped woman face tattoo by Pietro Sedda
Surreal tattoo by Pietro Sedda