8 Bloody Gruesome Zombie Bite Tattoos

8 Bloody Gruesome Zombie Bite Tattoos

The infection is rapidly spreading! These bloody gruesome zombie bite tattoos are here to prove it!
Tattoo done by Tim Kern
You may not be able to appreciate the Art of it, but for Zombie fans, Zombie Bite Tattoos are awesome.
This "healed bite" looks so real, seems like the owner is immune! Artist unknown.
Cool Zombie Bite Tattoo by Wolfgang Robinson
What's awesome about this kind of tattoo is the realistic bloody effect! It will prank anyone who sees it!
Zombie Bite Tattoo on the scalp by Kyle Dunbar.
But of course Zombies love brains, so they target the head first!
A freshly done tattoo should be left untouched. This one will definitely make sure you don't touch it! :-O
Wonder how human flesh tasted like?!
Zombie Bite Tattoo by Douglas Sparks
If you like blood, bruises , gore & horror, this may be a neat tattoo idea!
Gaaaahhhh!!!! They're growing in numbers!!!! :-O
Love zombies?! Feel free to share your zombie-inspired tattoos! Stay human, yall! The world needs us! lol.
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