8 Cool Goat Head Tattoos

This post features goat head tattoos that look really cool and awesome on the skin.
Goat head tattoos are some of the most awesome and creepy tattoos I have seen on collectors, and some of my friends. There is a weird and cute look to that type of a tattoo that makes it so interesting and awesome. Here are 8 cool goat head tattoos:
Solid rendering and awesome concept.
Huge red goat head front piece. SHIT, that must've hurt.
Goat head tattoo by Grime
Collab by Kelly Doty and Timmy B
Goat head knee banger. OUCH!
Tattoo from trentstattoos.com
Tattoo by Kyle Giffens
Insane looking 4 eyed goat head. On a very tough spot, the stomach!
Goats are weird, but hey, they look awesome as tattoos. Whatever the hell they mean to anyone, the image itself justifies the tattoo. Check out the Tattoodo blog for more awesome stuff! PEACE OUT!