8 Dark Yet Solemn Tattoos By Ela Pour

8 Dark Yet Solemn Tattoos By Ela Pour

Be amazed by these stunning, dark yet solemn black tattoos by Ela Pour!
Ela Pour is a female tattooer that does really awesome black tattoos. Her dark yet solemn look when it comes to her tattoos, give her work the distinct look of her own style.
Dark angel by Ela Pour
Tattoo by Ela Pour
Great detail on this tattoo by Ela Pour
Beautiful use of value. Tattoo by Ela Pour
Framed girl portrait. Tattoo by Ela Pour
Beautiful black tattoo by Ela Pour
Black rose on neck by Ela Pour
Brutal looking chest tattoo by Ela Pour
Ela Pour is from Berlin, Germany. Check out more of her work on her IG: @elapour
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