8 Deathly Skeleton Handshake Tattoos

8 Deathly Skeleton Handshake Tattoos

A bold design or a symbol of deaths embrace? Either way these skeleton handshake tattoos look epic!
We've brought you the delights of handshake tattoos before and have even shown you the slightly creepy world of skeleton hand tattoos, but now we're bringing you them together in these deathly skeleton handshake tattoos! A classic design the shaking hands tattoo is usually seen as a symbol of brotherhood and friendship, however if you throw a skeletons hand into the mix you have a darker theme altogether. A healthy and living human hand shaking a skeletal hand is commonly interpreted as the meeting of life and death, or even a person taking the hand of the reaper!!
Skeleton handshake tattoos definitely look cool and are a great old school design, so if you're after a more macabre and striking shaking hands design then these skeleton handshake tattoos should offer some brilliant inspiration. Enjoy!
Skeleton Handshake Tattoo by Amanda Riner
Skeleton Handshake Tattoo by Baumberger
Skeleton Handshake Tattoo by Connor Curran
Skeleton Handshake Tattoo by Erik Jacobsen
Skeleton Handshake Tattoo by Gara Tattooer
Skeleton Handshake Tattoo by @smile_you_sonuvabitch
Handshake Tattoo by Jon Sudano
Skeleton Handshake Tattoo by Tiago Machado
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