8 Enjoyable Chopstick Tattoos

8 Enjoyable Chopstick Tattoos

Want a funky and fun Oriental inspired tattoo, then maybe these chopstick tattoos are what you've been looking for.
Chopsticks have been used in all of East Asia for the past six thousand years. Traditional kitchen and eating utensils chopsticks were first popularized in China and over the next few centuries spread to the other corners of Asia through Chinese immigrant communities. Today chopsticks are found across the entire world but are still seen as a symbol of Asian culture and tradition.
Usually made from bamboo, plastic, wood, or stainless steel, and occasionally gold, silver, ivory and jade; chopsticks are held in the dominant hand between the thumb and fingers and are then used to pick up pieces of food. A quirky and fun designs of chopstick tattoos are creative Asian inspired ink that can be better than you might first think. Give some time to these enjoyable chopstick tattoos and see why fun and funky tattoos are always a great option!
Chopstick Tattoo by Aleksy Marcinow
Chopstick Tattoo by John Lopez
Chopsticks Tattoo by Adam Ruff
Chopsticks Tattoo by Black Garden Tattoo
Chopsticks Tattoo by Greg Scott
Chopsticks Tattoo by Mikey Holmes
Chopsticks Tattoo by Kyle Downs
Chopsticks Tattoo by Lucian B
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