8 Enjoyable Paddle Steamer Tattoos

Sit back and relax with some awesome paddle steamer tattoos! They are a creative alternative to the usual boat and ship tattoos.
Paddle steamers, occasionally known as river boats, are boats that are powered by a steam engine which in turn powers a paddle wheel and moves the boat forward. A classic image of river cruising, such as that of the great Mississippi river, paddle steamers hold a rich history and hold a special place in many peoples hearts. They also look pretty sweet in ink!
More of a specialist piece paddle steamer tattoos are certainly a one of a kind design and make a great tattoo for anyone who loves bold traditional tattoos as paddle steamers look amazing as an old school design. Checkout these leisurely paddle steamer tattoos and enjoy some river boat ink!!
Paddle Steamer Chest Tattoo by Matthew Houston
Paddle Steamer Tattoo by David J Wilson
Paddle Steamer Tattoo by Jason Cline
Paddle Steamer Tattoo by Nick Mayes
Paddle Steamer Tattoo by Rick Hardy
Paddle Steamer Tattoo by Mo Malone
Paddle Steamer Tattoo by Teide Tattoo
Paddle Steamer Tattoo, artist unknown