8 Excellent Xenomorph Tattoos

8 Excellent Xenomorph Tattoos

Xenomorph tattoos put the terrifying extraterrestrial from the 'Alien' franchise into some badass body art!
The terrifying and fear inducing extraterrestrial from the Alien films the Xenomorph is one of the most iconic alien creatures ever created. Debuting in 1979 the Xenomorph has spent nearly four decades and a number of movies, books and games killing and terrifying as it goes. Unlike many fictional extraterrestrial in works of science fiction the Xenomorph has no interest in advanced technology, instead it has no higher goal than to continue the growth of the species. With a single breeding queen the Xenomorph has been compared to a wasp like creature and has even inspired some excellent tattoos!
Xenomorph tattoos put the terrifying alien in some badass body art. Be sure to check them out and enjoy the freaky extraterrestrial in ink.
Xenomorph Predator Tattoo by Annmarie Cahill
Xenomorph Tattoo by @smile_you_sonuvabitch
Xenomorph Tattoo, unknown artist
Xenomorph Tattoo by Amy Kelso
Xenomorph Tattoo by @barffyslummers
Xenomorph Tattoo by Bryan Merck
Xenomorph Tattoo, artist unknown
Xenomorph Tattoo by Travis Broyles
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