8 Farout Four Eyed Tattoos

8 Farout Four Eyed Tattoos

Give your eyes a trick & treat with these 8 farout four eyed tattoos that will fool you into seeing double!
Four eyed ladies are popular amongst the rest of the four eyed tattoos.
Tattoo done at Los Almeidas tattoo.
Damn these would flip me out in real life!
Awesome tattoo by Bailey, Sacred Electric Tattoo.
Animals would be cool tattoos to mutate with four eyes!
Tattoo by Nikki Jo.
Creepy & Cool New school four eyed Ram done at Dreams Collide Tattoo studio.
Here's a cool fusion of jaguar and cat done by AJ Ludlow at The Bell Rose Tattoo & Piercing.
If you wanna make others trip out, the hand would be a good spot for Animal or Human heads with four eyes.
Tattoo done by Chris Stuart.
She's pretty and weird at the same time, and that's a compliment!
Cool tattoo by Jason Walstrom, Seawolf Tattoo Co.
Trippy & Traditional, just the way I like it. Artist unknown. Pls let us know if you do!
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