8 Fun Cassette Tape Tattoos

8 Fun Cassette Tape Tattoos

If you we're born in the 80's and grew up in the 90's, then you definitely may dig these fun cassette tape tattoos!
Cassette tape tattoos are usually collected by music lovers who grew up in the 90's, most likely born in the 80's. Cassette tape tattoos really bring back memories to the days when music was consumed a hell of a lot differently.
Nice colored cassette tattoo.
Clean work on this colored cassette tape tattoo.
Tattoo by David Mushaney
Tattoo from magicSTattoo.com
Awesome colored cassette tattoo. Cool background too!
Simple yet solid looking cassette tape tattoo.
Cassette tape tattoo part of a sleeve.
Tattoo by Spunky
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