8 Incredible Black And Gray Tattoos By Ellen Westholm

8 Incredible Black And Gray Tattoos By Ellen Westholm

Ellen Westholm is one of the best artists today in making black and gray tattoos, check out some of her work!
If you have been following Tattoodo recently, then the work of Ellen Westholm may be familiar to you. She is a tattooer from Sweden. Incredible detail, beautiful composition and undeniable skill are all ingredients of her work. Here are 8 incredible black and gray tattoos by Ellen Westholm:
Incredible detail on this tattoo by Ellen Westholm
Check out the notes on the rose. INSANE.
Tattoos by Ellen Westholm
Sleeve tattoo
Clock tattoo
Awesome sleeve tattoo
Incredible back piece of The Beatles
Beautiful texture on this skull fore arm tattoo.
Hope you guys pulled some inspiration and got awesome ideas from this post. Remember to look out for more awesome stuff on the Tattoodo blog. PEACE OUT!
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