8 Incredible Illustrative Tattoos by Dean Kalcoff

Color, contrast and details in these 8 incredible illustrative tattoos by Dean Kalcoff!
Dean Kalcoff is a tattooer from Fitzroy, Australia. He works at Dark Cloud Electric. 
Dean Kalcoff's tattoo style is reminiscent of the traditional style when it comes to lay out and composition, yet the rendering approach is definitely more new school. The use of color and contrast works so well with the amount of detail he puts in his tattoos.
Here are some tattoos by Dean Kalcoff, hope you guys enjoy!
This must've HURT. Stomach tattoo by Dean Kalcoff.
Horse tattoo by Dean Kalcoff
Zebra tattoo by Dean Kalcoff
Clean and solid gentleman pug by Dean Kalcoff
Cute cat wearing a hat tattoo by Dean Kalcoff.
Brutal looking wolf head tattoo by Dean Kalcoff
Cool detail on this girl head tattoo by Dean Kalcoff
Cool horned gentleman tattoo by Dean Kalcoff
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