8 Paper Boat Tattoos That Will Take You Back To Childhood

These 8 Paper Boat tattoos will take you down the river back to childhood, back when the days were simple, magical and free. Enjoy, kiddos!
To start this off, here's a mindblowing realistic tattoo done by Maler. Love the fusion of calm & range as you look into the whole piece!
Pretty Paper Boat Tattoo done at LTW Tattoo Studio
What childhood memories do you have associated with paper boats? Ahh... those days.
Paper Boat Tattoo by unknown artist. Pls let us know if you do!
Do you still remember how to fold up a boat?
Such a nice and eccentric traditional Paper boat tattoo! <3
Here's another one, blackwork version! So cool!
Can you spot the invisible paper boat?
Simple and beautiful scenic linework by Yonni Gagarine.
Hjemad, artist unknown.
May the turbulent seas make you a skillful sailor, dear friend! And remember not to lose the kid in you. Hope you enjoyed these Paper Boat Tattoos. Have a nice day! :-)