8 Really Cool Death Star Tattoos

8 Really Cool Death Star Tattoos

Arguably the galaxy's most popular battle station, the Death Star tattoo is truly one of the favorite tattoos Star Wars fans get.
These Death Star tattoos are really fun and cleverly done. The notorious planet destroyer from the Star Wars saga is one of the hottest and funniest tattoos Star Wars lovers want to get. These tattoos are an awesome alternative to the typical logo of the galactic empire, or a Vader helmet (just saying) to collect as a tattoo. Here are 8 really cool Death Star tattoos:
Death Star color tattoo with Tie fighters.
Detail of an awesome looking Star Wars sleeve, see the Death Star?
Cool idea of incorporating the Death Star with the Vader helmet. Tattoo by Chris Jones @chrisjonestattoos
Cool little Death Star tattoo pierced by a blue lightsaber.
Fly Casual.
Tattoo by Andy Chen
Tattoo by Rodrigo, LTW Tattoo Studio.
Incredible work on this Empire inspired half sleeve. Check out the Death Star on this one!
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