8 Trippy Three Eyed Cat Tattoos

8 Trippy Three Eyed Cat Tattoos

For those who want a mix of cute, mystical, unusually cool and trippy, here are 8 Trippy Three Eyed Cat Tattoos for the madness in ya!
Three Eyed Cat Tattoo by Daniel Meyer
Three eyed cats usually appear in our dreams, symbolic of awakening into our higher self or a divine spiritual connection, as cats are creatures associated with mystery & magic.
Pink & Sparkly Three Eyed Cat Tattoo by Linnea Pecsenye
The Third eye also represents an awareness of our psychic senses... seeing a world beyond reality and becoming aware of the spiritual world/the other dimension that not all people normally sense or see.
Love this galactic three eyed cat tattoo! Unknown artist
Cats, who are at sync with their senses (making them quick runners & smooth hunters) and other creatures like dogs are said to possess a "sixth sense" which enables them to detect forthcoming danger, ghosts, and other stuff in the universe we don't normally sense. :-O
Cute, aren't they?! :-) Unknown artist
Three Eyed Cat Tattoo by Warren Petersen, Off the Map Tattoo
If they were real, would you own one? Artist unknown
See that everything that can be imagined is possible in the Universe. Artist unknown
Got cat tattoos? Share them with us & get featured! Have a strange & beautiful day, everyone!
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