9 Solid Traditional Camera Tattoos

9 Solid Traditional Camera Tattoos

These 9 solid traditional camera tattoos look really bold, bad ass and would really be an awesome addition to a tattoo collection!
Traditional camera tattoos have become very popular in the tattoo scene the recent years. Sticking to the more bold and flat old school approach, these traditional camera tattoos manage to give that visual impact that everyone loves when it comes to solid tattooing.
Vintage Canon SLR with red roses. Artist unknown
Vintage camera with red roses. Artist unknown
Amazing black and solid traditional tattoo, with the camera man! Artist unknown
Cool concept, polaroid tattoo. Artist unknown
Black work 35mm film SLR camera tattoo. Artist unknown
Vintage black camera tattoo. Artist unknown
Clean and solid traditional camera tattoo. Artist unknown
Tattoo by Matt Cooley.
Tattoo by Paul Kirk.
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