Adventure Is Out There: Up Balloon House Tattoos

Adventure Is Out There:  Up Balloon House Tattoos

Fly away to Paradise Falls with these uplifting Up balloon house tattoos.
Up (2009) is an animated comedy adventure film from Disney / Pixar. It received universal acclaim due to its heartwarming storyline about an elderly man who sets off exploring following the death of his wife.

In the film, Carl Fredricksen's house is under threat to be torn down by property developers, so he resorts to the only thing possible... attaching hundreds of colourful balloons to his house and floating off to a world of adventure and unknown.

Such a strong symbol in the movie, Mr Fredricksen's balloon house has become a popular tattoo. All the artists below, re-invent the traditional image from Up into something creative and truly special.
Perfect pastels in this tattoo by Alex Strangler.
Colorful house by Alice Perrin, UK.
Up balloon house by Beau Redman, Manchester, UK.
This house definitely appears to be flying! By Amanda Householder.
Perfect little house tattoo by Marco Biondi.
Up balloon house tattoo by Gabe Dragon Alvarez.
Hek Tattoo has a really unique tattooing style - the line detail in this house tattoo really makes it one of a kind.
The mix of the black and grey house and the colored balloons really brings this tattoo to life. Artist unknown.
Small but colorful and cute tattoo by Joie Sunshine.
Bold and bright, this house looks like it really is flying due to amazing perspective and detail, by Leah Moule, Birmingham, UK.
One of my favourites - a truly creative take on this tattoo by Maik Sante.
Amazingly detailed Up balloon tattoo by Megan Rose Tattoos.
Bright and colourful house by Mae La Roux.
Watercolor balloon house tattoo by Samantha Vail, New York.
Adventure is out there! Up tattoo by Cassidy Blessing.
Small and cute house tattoo by Jackie Huertas.
Neo-traditional Up house by Tim Pangburn, Philadelphia , USA.
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