All The Piercing Locations You Need To Know: An Infographic

All The Piercing Locations You Need To Know: An Infographic made a quick guide to different types of piercings, pain levels, and demographics. Get your piercing crash course on!
Together with tattoos, piercings are one of the most popular ways people express themselves.
There are numerous perks in getting a piercing. One of the most significant and the best of them is the increased confidence it may bring in an individual. It is often seen as a rebellious way to express one's self. At the same time, there are many different places that people may choose to get themselves pierced and both men and women have a lot to choose from.
Not only do piercings give the person a certain edge to their image, but they may also be spiritually symbolic to some. While others associate some piercings with sexuality. In some cultures and countries, women get their ears pierced upon birth. Ear piercings are by far the most popular form, although people do pierce their tongues, lips, noses, nipples, and other parts of their body as well.
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The infographic shown above serves as a guide to piercings if you are considering one soon. The most common locations and their names are given, along with statistics arranged by gender. The levels of pain you can expect and recovery times for all the piercings are also given. This is all thanks to and their wonderful infographic which can be found here.
Don't forget! Go straight to a professional piercer if you ever think of getting a piercing done. Trust us, it's going to be worth all the trouble of infections and sharing needles. Better be safe than end up with horrible—wanna know how I got these scars?
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