Alternative Underground Styles: The Tattoos Of Dynoz

Alternative Underground Styles: The Tattoos Of Dynoz

Greek tattoo artist Dynoz has a completely original and interesting style.
Travelling artist Dynoz has been tattooing for four and a half years, and works guest spots and conventions all over the world.

His artistic style is truly one of a kind - bold imagery, bright colours and unconventional line work creates unique tattoos that you'd be proud to wear on your body forever.

He is able to mix styles in a successful and complimentary way - black and grey with colour backgrounds, realistic flowers with geometric splashes... I will let his tattoos do the rest of the talking!

If you want to see more of Dynoz's work, you can follow him on Facebook.
Penguin watercolour tattoo.
Beautiful colours in the women's face and flower tattoo.
Geometric rose tattoo.
Black and grey rose and skull tattoo.
Black rose tattoo by Dynoz.
Peony with cogs, compass and padlock tattoo.
Geometric stag tattoo by Dynoz.
Black and grey dog with colour splashes!
Love the writing and shading in this forearm tattoo.
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