Amazing Cosmic Tattoos By Carlos Ransom

Amazing Cosmic Tattoos By Carlos Ransom

Cosmic tattoos are a popular style these days and tattoo artist Carlos Ransom is producing some of the finest we've seen!
Owner and tattoo artist at Abraxas Tattoo Private studio. Lawrence, KS, Carlos Ransom creates and tattoos some of the best cosmic inspired body art out there. Beautifully composed and excellently finished the cosmic inspired tattoos of Ransom make for some impressive viewing. Bringing together a number of different styles such as portrait realism and watercolor Ransom creates outstanding cosmic tattoos that perfectly capture the beauty and eye-catching nature of our universe.
Take a look at these amazing cosmic tattoos by this amazing artist and see the beauty of the universe put in ink, and remember to head over to Ransom's Instagram and show his work some deserved appreciation.
Amazing cosmic tattoo
Awesome Boba Fett Skull tattoo
Cosmic cat tattoo
Cosmic tattoo
Cosmic dog tattoo
Awesome cosmic eye tattoo
Beautiful cosmic portrait tattoo
Cosmic fox tattoo
Cosmic hand tattoo
by Carlos Ransom
by Carlos Ransom
Colorful cosmic skull tattoo
by Carlos Ransom
Bold cosmic sunflower tattoo
Cosmic tattoo
Cosmic sleeve tattoo
Breath-taking cosmic wolf tattoo
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