Artistic Tattoos By Dino Nemec

Artistic Tattoos By Dino Nemec

Tattoo artist Dino Nemec uses all the contemporary tattoo techniques to create unique graphic tattoos.
Coming from Argentina and settled in Columbus, Ohio, Dino Nemec is creating original art and tattoos. Self taught, he is working in his private shop, cleverly named Lone Wolf. Flirting with abstract art, Dino Nemec enjoys playing with linework, dotwork, blackwork and watercolor effects. His tattoos can be either dark or colorful, geometric or poetic. If you like creative tattooing and contemporary art on skin, you will certainly find his work pretty interesting.
Watercolor fox.
Offbeat cactus!
Cool blackwork.
Poetic piece.
Hey cutie!
Dark space skull.
Interesting linework.
Colorful tree tattoo.
Surrealistic art.
Creative concept.
Sweet poppies.
Bold abstract art.
Gorgeous dog piece!
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