Awesome Black and Grey Tattoos by Brad Doult

When it comes to black and grey, shades and realism - this guy is a master! Check out these awesome Black and Grey Tattoos by Brad Doult.
Brad Doult is an artist from Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. He has been tattooing since 2013 and says that he continues to learn day in and day out. His tattoo style is fine line realistic tattoos, but still has that solid foundation of strong lines and solid blacks that make the tattoo hold up nicely.
Amazing black and grey leg sleeve by Brad Doult
Deer gentleman by Brad Doult
Insane black and grey sleeve by Brad Doult
Girl head on hip by Brad Doult
Hand skull tattoo by Brad Doult
Look at those eyes, feels like she's about to glimpse at you any second! Tattoo by Brad Doult
Angel v Devil back tattoo by Brad Doult.
Phoenix tattoo by Brad Doult.
Check out the values on this skull tattoo by Brad Doult.
Insane pirate skull tattoo by Brad Doult
All photos from Brad Doult.Check out more about him in IG: @braddoulttattooartist